A cute monkey fond of baby ducks makes everyone admire her

There is a widespread stereotype that, in most cases, it is dogs that can show extremely friendly attitude and trust issues towards any creature they encounter. But this story tells about a little monkey who actually falls for everyone and everything she ever comes across. Lately, an exciting story about a tiny monkey taking care of five baby ducks spread all over the internet and literally stole every viewer’s heart. Unexceptionally no one could resist admiring such cuteness. This scene gained more than 80 million viewers.

It is adorable how the monkey is fond of not only little ducks, but also any creature she bumps into. At this moment, she dwells at one of the animal homes in Indonesia. The loveable animal makes friends with each of the animals in that territory.

Despite the fact all the animals manage to grab her attention, the awesome monkey is still mostly fond of baby ducks.

She easily makes every other animal feel loved and sometimes warmly cuddles with them.

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