Her Mother Cat Carried Her out of the Basement and Begged People to Take the Only Surviving Kitten …

The hero of the story is the catty whose name is Evonka. She was found by a girl on the way home. Her mother took her out of the basement and she just begged people to take the only surviving kitten.

The little cutie’s eyes weren’t visible and her nose was blocked up but she really wanted to live. Well, how could he be indifferent despite the fact that there are 2 more cats at home.

We went to the veterinary clinic where they washed the cutie for a long time and found her nose and eyes. We were also prescribed lots of antibiotics, took tests for all the main viruses and only then they sent us home.”- the girl tells.

The baby didn’t know how to eat but when the new mistress bought milk and a pacifier for her cute catty she immediately bit off this pacifier and then she also got such a good appetite.

The drugs worked but one eye remained a little blind.

Now almost 4 years have passed since that day and I can say one thing for sure: Evonka is my happiness. She became the main cat in the house and everyone is under her control. She brings up the rest of the cats and she protects me. I am either a mother for her or her kitten but she protects me from everything. At night he sleeps nearby as if he guards me. The cutie often wakes up and begins to massage and purr. I have never seen a smarter cat. It isn’t even a cat it’s some kind of wonderful phenomenon!”- the mistress tells sincerely.

I will advice you one important thing and that os: if you see a stray animal run to her and grab her before no one else gets ahead of you. From this moment on, you will become the most joyful and happy person in the whole world!

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