The Girl Was Carrying a Sick Dog in Her Arms Whispering to Her That Everything Will Be Fine …

The kind heroine of this story asks herself the same question every time.  “Did I find my dog ​​or did she find me?”  – the girl tries to understand …

Not so long ago, Emily lost her best friend – her beloved dog named Milky. The cutie passed away and this was a huge shock for the family.  People really wanted to save and shelter another pet but they couldn’t do that for some reason.

Three months have passed since Mila’s death and once a video about a sick dog appeared on social networks Emily’s son immediately told the woman that the baby was very similar to their previous petty and they simply had to take her home.

A girl with a child was carrying the dog home in her arms whispering to the sweetie  and promising that everything will certainly be fine … There, the pet was carefully bathed and fed.  Surprisingly enough, the baby never went to the toilet in the house and it was obvious that she was accustomed to walking.

Most likely, someone kicked the poor creature away!  But no one had been looking for the baby in the help groups on social networks.

The family decided to name the doggy Mila.  The pet was about a year old at that time and later it turned out that the baby is thoroughbred.

Emily and her son adore their new family member and say that they will never give het to anyone.  Only a month has passed since her appearance in the house and it seems to the new owners that they have known their darling a whole life.

Let’s wish Mila to get well as soon as possible and to please her new owners for many more years!

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