An Unusual Cat That Looks Like a Cross Between a Persian Cat and a Pug

The story is about a  5-year-old catty named LaPew. This story is as sad as the stories of all the stray cats.  He was found on a street in Florida and was in a very deplorable state with matted coats, urinary tract infections and breathing problems.

When he was taken to the shelter there was no way to comb out the matted fur so the cat was simply shaved baldly.  And after that everyone noticed that he was incredibly similar to a pug or more precisely he was a cross between a Persian cat and a pug.

Very soon Le Pugh was transferred to another small orphanage and then from there ge was transferred to a temporary foster family where he was noticed by his current mistress named Jessica Lorman.  According to Jessica as soon as she saw LePew’s photo she immediately “fell in love with this cute cat” and realized that he should be in her family.

“His huge eyes seemed to hypnotize me,” says Mrs. Lorman. When my friend suggested that I and my husband take this catty I couldn’t refuse.  He was so sweet and so special.”- recalls the mistress.

Despite the cutie’s always dissatisfied face LePue actually turned out to be an affectionate cat. He made friends with other cats in the house who were also previously taken from shelters and soon behaved there as if he had been living there for a long time.

Lepyu the cutie turned out to be not shy or timid at all.  He walks loosely around his owners and doesn’t shy away from people who come to this house for the first time whom he hasn’t seen before.  And he reacts to them much more calmly than they do to him because at first they all think that this is a pug but not a cat.

Mrs. Lorman tells that LePew’s coat will soon become long and fluffy and he will look like real a cat again but in the meantime his unusual appearance still attracts lots of attention.

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