A Couple Rescued a Kitten from the Street Who Was So Weak That She Couldn’t Even Meow

Justin Kaffir and Erica Kim who are from California found a small black kitten on the street.  The cutie was so skinny and weak that she couldn’t even meow.

Since Justin had to be out of town on work that day the couple brought the kitten to Friends for Life RescueNetwork and asked them to take care of the cutie while they were away.  The cute kitten was so thin that her skin and bones very very visible and besides it she was covered with fleas and was suffering from dehydration.  She looked a little over a month old.

The kitten was washed from fleas, watered and fed.  It turned out to be a female kitten and she was given the nickname Whisper because of her silent meow.

Whisper the cutie was surrounded by lots of care at the shelter and she  began to gain weight and grow rapidly.  Very soon Justin and Erica returned to take her and took the kitten to their home and some time later they noticed that Whisper was particularly sensitive to the sounds.  She only tilted her head slightly and didn’t react when her name was called.

After an examination by a veterinarian it became clear that Whisper was practically deaf although she had no external or internal damage to her ears.

But as Whisper began to grow her voice suddenly returned despite her deafness.  Justin and Erica laugh and say that when Whisper now meows she herself doesn’t realize how loud she really is.

After that, the couple renamed Whisper and gave her the nickname Magi.

So gorgeous.

9 months have passed since the couple found a skinny black kitten on the street and Magi has now turned into a young energetic kitty who is very lucky with the owners.

And the owners are luck with her as well.

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