An old dog lived on the street for 10 years. Now he is in an orphanage, but he seems to have lost hope for the best

When a pit bull named Wally first entered the Islip animal shelter, it immediately became clear, that fate had never spoiled him before. He was almost ten years old and his whole life the dog lived not in the house, but on the street. But the pet adored people and strove for human society. The baby so badly wanted someone to fall in love with him, that his new friends from the orphanage immediately began to act to give him all the warmth and love, that he deserves.  

Wally had a severe skin infection and on top of that he was blind in one eye. The shelter staff were worried about whether someone would want to adopt a special pet. They hoped, that some kind person would certainly see a loyal and devoted friend in the pit bull.  

Hs likes to waders fro moon worthy doing anything. 

Wally really wants to find a family her love. Unfortunately almost a year has passed since he entered orphanage, and those whistling to adopt the babu haven’t appeared. The por thing is still waiting… 

After all the staff at the shelter really hopes, that someone will like Wally.  

Pot bull will be able to give any person as much love as he has never seen before. In return, the dog will need care, silence and affection. Does he need so much? 

Let’s wish the charming old man to find a loving master as soon as possible!

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