The rescuers looked at the echidna and were happy-they had never seen such a happy animal in their life!

When this adorable first came to the wildlife sanctuary in Bonorong, Tasmania, her saviours simply didn’t believe in the reality of what was happening. An echidna fell into their hands, which was accidentally cut by a car. The reserve workers decided to check if everything is in order with the animal and if it has any injuries. 

The fluffy beauty was named Hayes, and soon she charmed everyone who was lucky to meet her. Usually echidnas weigh about three kilograms, but the rescued baby weighed five! And at the same time she looked very cute.  

It turned out to be definitely a very large girl. The animal looked great! No one has ever seen  a happier and more contented echidna’s life before.  

Hayes was surprisingly calm as her rescuers checked to make sure she was okey. She seemed to be completely not afraid of people. The reserve staff were happy to find, that their new friend was completely healthy and didn’t receive any injuries from the car. And since everything is in order, then it had to be urgently returned beck to the wild. True, everyone was very sorry to part with the charming Hayes.  

This is how the staff of the reserve managed to get acquainted with the plumpest echidna in the world.  

Hopefully Hayes will be more careful when he sees the car!

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