In this year’s New York City Marathon a duck was spotted among the other competitors

The NY Marathon is considered to be one of the most impressive and outstanding long-distance contests not only in the country, but also in the entire world. It takes place in New York each year gaining thousands of participants who come from different and distant parts of the world. Whereas this year’s competition was really an exceptional one as, surprisingly, among the runners there was found a very bold and audacious duck!

The scene was out of this world! The duck was wearing running shoes and genuinely intended to outperform the others. The animal became really popular and appeared in the center of everyone’s attention. Their parents were extremely proud of her and were sure she definitely deserved a medal. The duck made everyone admire her. She was thought to be a very quick and energetic, a stubborn and amazing one.

The duck also has an Instagram account and her extraordinary performance, which is now famous all over the world, was posted there. The owners ironically wrote that the next year she would be in a better form and would undoubtedly win the marathon.

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