A deaf and blind tiny horse, after getting rejected by his mom, found a permanent home and now faces no troubles

The tiniest horse faced severe difficulties and extreme lack of support and protection once his mother left him exactly after his birth. Now his life was much burdensome as there was no one willing to take the tough situation into their own hands. Unfortunately, because of the fact that the horse was abnormally small in size, his mother literally rejected him. But thanks God, there appeared some kind-hearted people that decided to take care of the tiny animal providing him with a permanent shelter. After that much suffering and struggles, the horse now enjoys life beside his owner and three dogs.

The woman who heroically saved him declares that he is probably the tiniest horse at his age and is sure that the miniature animal wouldn’t survive alone because of his body size. They eagerly took the horse and are willing to keep him inside until he gets bigger and thus stronger.

In spite of the fact that the poor animal is disabled being deaf and partially blind, due to the owner’s efforts and unconditional love he successfully learnt how to walk and every time follows his furry friends who sincerely love him considering the poor orphan animal as a part of their large family. He weights approximately 20 pounds and surprises everyone with his cute appearance.


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The owner assures the mini horse now peacefully enjoys his life as there is no threat and all the hardships remained in past.

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