A loyal wildlife keeper takes naps with four abandoned bears to help them sleep

Some people do everything for the love they feel for wild animals, even though they weigh around 1500 pounds. This wildlife keeper does everything to make his four lovely bears feel good. Even helping them with taking naps.  

Jim Kowalczik has always loved and cared for the animals, especially bears. To try to help every abandoned bear, Jim with his wife opened the OrphanedWildlife Centre-a recovery centre for abandoned bears in Otisville, New York.

Since 1990, the couple has been cared for so many bears, that needed assistance. But Jim never had such a strong relationship any other bears, as with his four lovely bears: two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears. They came there approximately a decade ago, and during this time a very powerful and strong relationship arranged between them.  

The connection is so strong, that Jim even takes naps with them to make them feel good. In these uplifting photos you can see Jim sleeping with his four bears. Jim and his bears not only sleep together, but also they have many amusing activities. And one of them is playing with snow. Take a look:

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