The owner of a restaurant makes free food for his strangest customers. It is heartbreaking!  

This caring owner never let the stray doggies stay hungry. 

One day the Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant had the strangest client ever: a wandering doggy came for getting some food from them.

Although the man could ignore the poor animal, he did the contrary. The doggy was provided by a special food which had been made only for him. After that, it became a custom for the doggy to come and get his tasty meal every day.

But the man’s kindness was noticed by a lot of doggies who came for the same purpose and they were welcomed in the same way.

Their number increased and now they regularly come and get their special meal made for them. Thanks to the caring man, these poor creatures are not ignored and they don’t need to wander and search for food any more.

Each day the man sees a new face who is waiting for his action impatiently to get sure that what they hear is right.

The staff thinks that they are the most faithful and attractive clients they have ever had, and they do their best for providing a tasty food for them because they fill the workers’ day with happiness.

It is seen how thankful they are and instead of money they give the staff joy and amusement.

The head of the restaurant knows how to behave animals and his big love towards them comes from his childhood. Thanks to his mommy he has been taught that each creature must be under the care of humans.

They need a lot of love and support from society. They must be protected by them and feel themselves safe and happy.

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