The caring doggy looks after the abandoned ducklings.  

It is so heartbreaking to see how the cute doggy takes care about the poor ducklings.

Seeing the friendship between the animals unlike each other seems extraordinary. But it is really fantastic and exciting. After hearing the story of 2 different creatures and knowing their relationship one can change her/his opinion about this misunderstanding. Because all creatures live in the same world and they keep good relationships between each other. 

It is a story about a caring doggy named Fred and cute ducklings who were left by their mommy and now need support. Fred takes care about them by giving love and devotion to them. This story attracts millions of people from all over the world. 

Fred lives at the Mountfitchet Castle with its director Jeremy Goldsmith, who has 9 cute ducklings. When Jeremy saw how the clever animal looked after the babies he decided to share a video of their friendship on Facebook.

He shared some photos and wrote that the doggy looks after them as a real father. He does everything for the babies, even he makes them sit on his back in order to remain warm and safe.

How beautiful they are. They show that it can be a real friendship between different types of animals. 

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