Father’s everyday life: This man having four daughters disclosed all the “joys” of fatherhood

This humorous dad’s legendary photos showing the “joys” of fatherhood

As soon as babies are born, their parents’ life radically changes absolutely in all spheres. Sleepless nights, mess in the whole house, the lack of free time and so on. But however hard and challenging this all would be, parents sincerely adore their kids and can’t even imagine a single day without them. Adults sometimes experience extremely difficult times but their children’s simple smile or laughter can really make their day and the parents will forget about all the negative.

In Simon’s large family, there are four adorable daughters and recently the man’s become popular with the ironical photos he shared on the media. Here he tries to show the real “joys” of being a father of many kids.

Simon’s eldest daughter is 9 years old, the others are 6, and twins are only 10 months. He humorously says that he is a taxi driver, teacher, psychologist, bank and personal assistant at the same time.

So here are the legendary photos showing how “enjoyable” fatherhood actually is.

Simon declares that he somehow appears in this position every single time he tries to relax or sleep.

The caring father and his awesome daughters.

He constantly gets this kind of massages from his little miracles.

“My wife told me to pack the baby bag, did I do it right?”

Flip flops from daughters: warm but not practical.

Childish, but cruel and violent games.

Their everyday life!

There is no other way if you have daughters.

Sometimes it seems as if he actually lives in a supermarket.

Dinner and supper.

Are there any other “joys” of being a father? Share your opinion!


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