When the Old Dog Became Blind and Deaf It Became Difficult for Him to Walk on the Street.  Even the Police Were Touched by His Master’s Act

A few days ago two police officers noticed something very unusual while they were driving through Heidelberg West, Australia!  We think that it’s not every day that we can see a dog that rides on his own in a tiny car.   

What is the crime of a pet?  What has he violated?  Was the doggy driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication?   

By the way, this is exactly what the police wrote in the report wiping away the tears that were the result of laughter. 

So why did the cutie travel without a driver’s license? 

Of course, the little dog wasn’t driving himself because his owner was next to him holding the remote control of the toy car.

The owner of the animal told what was the matter.  The dog named Buddy is already old enough and in addition he is blind and deaf.  It’s so surprising why  the cutie ended up in the car?  The owner bought it especially for the petty so that he could enjoy the fresh air without tiring his paws. 

This story is both funny and touching.  The pet is very lucky because he has such a kind owner who cares about the cutie even when he has become old and weak. 

Of course, the officers let little Buddy go by verbally warning him and although they had plenty of fun and laughter they had much more in their hearts than just memories of a funny situation.  Now people know exactly what the real love of the owners towards their pets looks like! 

Thanks to the man for giving so much affection and care to the elderly doggy and for providing such a comfortable doggy life.  

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