The Man Was Working at Home When He Saw Something Falling on the Sofa and Then He Found a Little Creature

A photographer Rian Nissens moved to his new home in South Africa and found that the place was already engaged. A family of small galago primates was located right under the roof. Four adult animals took a fancy to this house and made it their nest. The unusual neighbors didn’t cause any inconvenience and Ryan decided not to disturb the cuties. But one day he had to get to know them better. The photographer said that he was working with his computer when he suddenly heard a strange sound.

It turned out that a small cub fell out of the nest and landed right on the sofa. Fortunately the baby wasn’t injured and he was only a little frightened. The man was fascinated by this baby and took a good care of him. Then he put the cutie on the kitchen table and walked away so that his mother could approach and take him. She grabbed her child and returned him to the nest.

But one day the photographer was working when heard a strange sound.

It turned out that the baby galago fell out of his cozy nest.

Rian examined the baby and made sure that everything was okay with him and then put him on the kitchen table.

The baby was immediately followed by his mother who had been watching what was happening in the house for a long time but she was afraid to approach.

And so she took her child back to the nest very quickly.

Rhian was happy to get to know his neighbors better and he is ready to help them in the future whenever they need it.

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