Shelter staff had a surprise outside the facility and rushed to investigate the incident

A bad start, but a happy ending

The Harris County Animal Shelter never expected that that morning they would get such a cute surprise just outside the facility.

Lee is a sweet puppy, who was abandoned in the parking lot of the shelter by her owners, who put a note next to her.

Luckily, the staff spotted her quickly and hurried to save.

In the note it’s written that her owner had to leave her for some reasons and asked someone to look after his pet and give her a new forever home.

Because at that time the shelter was full of animals, they had to send the doggie to another sanctuary for a while.

The staff was surprised by the number of abandoned animals at that time. Maybe it was related to their owners’ financial conditions, but that is not a reason, because they could leave them in non-outdoor shelters.

The sweet puppy adapted to her new environment easily and started a new happy life. She was cured and became completely healthy and strong.

The whole shelter loves her, because she is both beautiful and clever. Lee has already learnt many things and understands her humans.

Now there are two families, who want to adopt her, but she is still at the shelter and it’s unknown when she will be adopted.

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