A horse wastes 15 years on walks along the same road, that her former owner used to ride her on

In Frankfurt, Germany a brilliant white horse goes for a walk every day.  

She doesn’t demand guards and jockeys-she learns the roads freely.  

Jenny, is a 25-year-old mare, who was carried this way by her owner, who died more than 15 years ago. 

A courteous horse leads every day in the city.  

Before that, Jenny didn’t walk on her own-she was included in a horse-drawn “caravan”,which was carried by the owner Werner Weischedel.  

Werner died at the age of 82.  

After some time Jenny’s friend, a black mare named Charlie also passed away of old age.  

As a result, Weischedel’s wife started to carried the horse like her owner.  

Jenny was assisted on her walks.  

But later, she realized, that the horse could do it herself.  

Every day Jenny was released from the stall and walks peacefully through the streets, remembering a retained road.  

People may consider, that an isolated horse walk in the city is barely awkward and also troubling.  

The horse is so acquainted with her essential way and walks around like any other people, who walks in the area.  

Weischedel’s wife works with Frankfurt law enforcement to be sure Jenny and the people of the town are protected.  

For that reason during 15 years there hasn’t been an event, in which a white horse was involved.  

Even more Jenny became a real superstar among the locals.  

All of them intend to meet the mare: some people stop for greeting and petting and cleaning up after her. 

Some years later, Jenny became noticeable even outside her small town, Frankfurt.  

And the story of amazing Arabian horse now brings happiness to all the people around the world.

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