«Miss Universe 2021 got fat and is not the same»: Indian Harnaaz Sandhu has changed beyond recognition

After these photos, many believe Miss Universe 2021 doesn’t deserve the title

Here is the first girl from India who could achieve this honorary title. However, with the overall fame and recognition a lot of problems and hardship came that she could barely resist.

Having 79 candidates that voted for her, she deservedly became Miss Universe and represented her homeland in the most brilliant way.

After her great victory, she gained popularity not only in her native country, but also all over the world. She became a superstar in India whom millions adored, praised and tried to imitate.

However, when Sandhu gained weight and didn’t look like the same, an army of haters «attacked» her with negative comments.

She soon found herself depressed and anxious. To many, she lost her unique beauty and unearthly charm.

«It’s really unusual to not accept my figure or appearance after two years from that fashion event».

She found herself lost since she had no idea how to survive. She could no more limit herself and continue being so thin, yet living a normal life caused harsh criticism.


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