An unforgettable moment. The rescued dogs formed a strong connection 

Two rescued dogs showed everyone they have emotions

The story or Sammie and Simon claims, that animals have emotions.

A boxer mix named Sammie was saved by the nonprofit organization and got treatment at a vet clinic in South Carolina.

Sammie was in bad condition when he was taken to the shelter. He had many injuries and needed immediate treatment.

Another puppy, a Border collie mix named Simon was treated at the same clinic for a long time. He had a bad type of skin disease called mange.

Their first meeting was almost unforgettable.

Sammie was taken to the X-ray when Simon was allowed to leave his cage. He immediately headed over to Sammie and put his paw on the table. They touched noses.

The rescue organization told, that the two puppies formed a unique connection.

The picture shows everything. Simon is captured comforting Sammie. It proves, that animals are loving and have emotions. Simon often goes to Sammie’s kennel to see him, play with him.

The co-founder of the dog’s rescue organization named Silverstein told, that these two befriended and Simon was Sammie’s caretaker.

Sammie and Simon’s story became popular on the Internet after the rescue shared their photo on Facebook. It was shared almost 4000 times.

Silverstein told, that the story will help to raise awareness about the awful treatment many animals must endure.

She also told, that they want to use the story as an educational tool for many people across the country. It shows two poor dogs comforting one another. They can feel.

After the photos were published the two dogs got many adoption applications.

Sammie wasn’t fully recovered, so he was taken to New York to be examined by the organization’s orthopedic surgeon. They want to help the puppy maintain his back leg.

On the other hand Simon completely recovered and was taken by a loving family, who lives in New Jersey.

Many people considered the two dogs would have been adopted together, but Silverstein told it couldn’t happen.

Sammie still has some health problems and must continue his recovery.

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