Heartwarming Harmony: Parrot Becomes Loving Caretaker, Serenading Newborn with Soothing Lullabies

Cockatiel sings to baby! 🦜❤️👶

Although many people think that parrots are not friendly, in fact they are very loving creatures. Here’s a great example of it!

Have you ever seen a parrot singing a lullaby for a newborn baby? Of course, not all birds are safe for children, so make sure it’s safe before letting babies near them.

This adorable cockatiel is a caretaker for the family newborn baby. He is well-trained, so the parents confidently allow him to come closer to the child.

When the baby was born, everyone was worried about their relationship, but the parrot became his caretaker since the first day.

He not only makes the baby happy, but also sings a lullaby for him. His chirping makes the baby calmer and he easily sleeps under it.

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