Kevin from «Home Alone» is a father of two: This is what actor Culkin’s little children look like

Paparazzi captured everyone’s favorite Kevin from «Home Alone» with his family 🤗🥰

What concerns his personal life, M. Culkin doesn’t like to share details about that. He doesn’t post any photos and his family had long been kept in private and out of the public’s eye.

However, paparazzi have lately been lucky to catch the beautiful family, the prominent actor, his wife B. Song and their adorable little children were spotted during their walk in Burbank.

The partners fully enjoyed their walk, treated their sons with yogurt and looked absolutely happy and satisfied.

The first encounter of this actor and his future wife was during the filming of the film «Earth of Change».

Their first son was born in 2021 and their second one came into this world in 2022.


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