A Heartwarming Tale: Street Performer’s Unbreakable Bond with a Puppy Leads to a Life-Changing Journey

The performer’s bond with his puppy transformed their life. 🥹🥰

All dog owners know, that dogs are ready to give their endless love and affection to everyone they like.

They are our best friend, our closest companions and also they are ready to give their love to those they don’t know.

Wara Ricoo noticed out of his apartment window in Columbia, that a puppy made the struggling street artist happy.

Wara saw a man was struggling to make his living. He was singing on the busy streets next to the cars hoping to get money for entertaining people.

But the man wasn’t so lucky.

And when the traffic light turned green he returned to his place hoping to earn some money when the traffic light changed.

But when he returned to his place he saw the sweetest and happiest puppy, who greeted him as if he knew him for all his life.

It turned out, that the puppy belonged to the street performer. Wara was so pleased seeing it, that he considered going down and introduce himself to the performer. He learned, that the man’s name was named Anderson.

He talked to the performer for some time and learned, that the puppy’s name was Mayte and the man started singing on the street to be able to give his puppy food and happiness.

He was moved by their story and considered doing something for them.  He considered offering to pay for the vet visit for Anderson, Mayte and his other puppy named Negrita.

And after learning, that the two puppies were healthy Wara considered doing another thing to help them.

He published Anderson’s story on the Internet and also arranged time for him in a recording studio in order he could start sharing his music with people, who were interested in it.

Thanks to Wara Anderson now has many followers and shares his music with them.

It’s amazing to understand, that Anderson’s bond with Mayte gave them a chance for a new life.

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