The shark waits for the diver to hug him every day

The strong friendship between a man and a shark

This is how the dangerous sharks can be true friends and today we will try to assure you this.

This example shows, that sharks and people can also be friends. The shark wants to express his good feelings through love and care for people.

The diver went into the sea and waits for the appropriate fish.

An Australian diver named Nick Anderson ket a shark when it was still a baby. He went to the animal and hugged him.

The animal immediately got used to the man and Nick began to talk to the amazing creature.

And from that moment a strong connection has originated between people and sharks. Nick even named the shark and recognised it by the mark on his body.

I think, that none of us would believe in such a friendship if we hadn’t seen such a connection between these two.

It’s amazing, that he recognises his friend and wanted to hug the diver.

Nick says, that he doesn’t feed the fish, he only shows his attention.

This is the most amazing example of friendship between a human and a shark.

This proves, that animals can feel our love and attention.

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