«Turned into a real walking skeleton»։ Victoria Beckham’s weight loss has caused concern among her fans

Wrinkled skin and bags under the eyes!😬😖Ongoing weight loss raises concerns among Victoria’s fans about unhealthy lifestyle and association with anorexia😕😮

Victoria Beckham surprises her fans by the fact that she has maintained her physique for years and strives to maintain her incredible shape in every possible way. Even at 49-years-old, she continues to win millions of hearts with her impeccable appearance.

Victoria’s husband David Beckham said that his wife has been following the same diet for 25 years․ Her diet consists of grilled fish and steamed vegetables. She only deviated from this diet once in her life, during pregnancy.
Victoria starts with apple cider vinegar and a green smoothie in the morning, followed by fitness training, yoga, strength training and running throughout the day.

This lifestyle helps Victoria have a beautiful, toned figure that satisfies her fans․ But despite the positive comments, there were people who expressed their dissatisfaction with Victoria’s appearance. Recent photos of Victoria have sparked speculation that her clothes no longer fit her well and look too big.

Probably, after losing weight, Victoria did not have time to update her wardrobe. At 49-years-old, Victoria retains her incredible looks, but continues to lose weight, which has fans concerned about her unhealthy lifestyle․

Victoria Beckham always maintains her appearance, but health is the most important thing and it is important to solve the problems that have arisen due to weight loss.

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