Brave mother asks strangers to rescue her babies  
At the end of the night, they were carried to a haven for a secure place and care. A roadside sewer became home to a dog and her
Cats like to rest in places that we find uncomfortable. Here’s a video of cats finding interesting places to lie down
Things that we consider meaningless are quite interesting to cats. It’s not surprising that cats are crazy animals and sometimes they shock us with their actions. For example,
A heartbreaking note was left outside the shelter for an old cat
A letter for the staff asking for assistance  An old cat was left near the shelter with a heartbreaking note. The shelter staff found out the cat in
This handsome man and his beautiful husky are quite famous on social media with their amazing photos
Known as “Just a man with his dog against the world”, this couple is an Internet sensation. Here is a handsome man named Mike, who is a second-year
The woman had to put her kitchen on lockdown to make her overweight cat not to steal food
A poor overweight cat with many health problems  It isn’t an easy thing to go on a diet and it’s more difficult when you’re a cat. So that’s
An old dog left in a haven after the death of the master sits alone and cries every night  
Scooter is a Chihuahua who is habituated to living in a lovely house. Sadly, the master of the dog passed away and he was left to care for
A little girl draws portraits of a blind cat, until her parents agree to allow her adopt her
A perfect home and family for the blind cat A girl named Britta Bergeson was fascinated with a photo of a blind cat, that was shared on the
A trio of kittens were born, that had twelve additional toes together
An amazing kittens, that had their specialties  A homeless cat living at a retirement organisation gave birth to the “absolutely unusual litter” consisted of three kittens with 12
Over time, the two new companions became like indivisible sisters who did everything jointly  
A pet can bring so much joy as well as impact in such a short amount of time that it will literally be remembered. Ever since little Hazel
A retired bookshop cat, who liked reading
An elderly cat, who became a really book lover after being adopted by a bookshop owner The story is about Great Catsby, whose life changed for the better.
A cat cuddles with a little kitten every day and teaches him to love again
Two kittens, that became brothers and are living with their beloved owner An animal rescuer Moonglade Rose  found a leftover kitten in need of immediate assistance in October.
Charming black hen is on cloud nine when daddy returns home  
Animals can demonstrate a bunch of love, whether or not they are considered traditional pets. Just take a look at this fluffy chicken! Love for pets is a