9 Meet Rexie: The disabled cat who masterfully uses the tongue
Since childhood, a cat named Rexie has a problem with its hind legs – they are partially paralyzed.  Because of this, many actions which are  familiar to cats
During the interview, he was strictly asked about his attitude towards cats and personal space
The user of the portal Reddit with the nickname chestman_unbound shared a touching and unusual story of his employment.  Being a  doctor by profession, he calmly answered the
Kitten Jessie chose a completely wrong place for playing and paid for it
The flexibility of a feline body has been praized for centuries.  It also allows cats to squeeze into places where other animals won’t be able to, but who
She climbed the mountain and unexpectedly met a friendly monster there
Heather Bolint who is 31 years old, during all her life has dreamed of walking the Appalachian trail, a hiking trail along the mountain range of the same
Sometimes a saber-toothed tiger is taken for a walk through the streets of Los Angeles
Pedestrians on Wilshire Boulevard are almost used to the fact that on some fine day a very, very big kitty can come out of  the corner.  But for
This Chihuahua was taken to an animal shelter with the verdict “too biting”
In the United States, you cannot just bring and take an animal to a shelter; when filling out the papers, you must indicate a valid reason for that.
10 kindest animals on planet Earth
Since ancient times, people used to avoid dangerous animals. Indeed, many species can pose a real threat to life. But there are animals that often show sympathy to
Almost 40% of domestic cats are overweight and something steps are need to be taken urgently!
When a person gains extra pounds, these are his problems, as he or she is an independent person. But pets are a different case! In developed countries, these
Not everything is lost in this world: the stolen puppy was returned to the little owner
This story took place in Melbourne and for a short time it became almost the main topic of discussion in this part of Australia. One morning, the Hood
Due to a congenital ailment, the puppy has to eat only on a special chair
More info: Instagram It was Saturday, the 17th of September of 2016. The owners of the Labrador Tink, short for Tinker Vol, remembered the date very well. The charming
What happens if you scratch behind a big lynx’s ear?
A lynx is an affectionate and kind creature who can conceal cunning and malice, and a formidable predator may turn out to be a meek and friendly cat.
The pensioner already wanted to scold the student with the column. But a second later she saw his manner of talking to a street cat – and changed her mind
Nina Alekseevna had a low opinion of the neighbor boy Lyoshka. A fifth grader once hit a flower bed with a ball, which was looked after by a