She climbed the mountain and unexpectedly met a friendly monster there

Heather Bolint who is 31 years old, during all her life has dreamed of walking the Appalachian trail, a hiking trail along the mountain range of the same name.  She is also a zoo activist and works in the uncommercial organization “The Humane League”, in a word, she is not indifferent to our younger brothers.

The Appalachians are not a nature reserve, but there are enough animals there: black bears, rabbits, squirrels, poisonous snakes and deer.  But who did not expect to see Heather at an altitude of almost 2 km is … an exotic rooster.  It was Heather who later realized that the monster in feathers who was in front of her belonged to the chicken family, and in the first minutes it was painfully embarrassing to choose: to scream and run away or silently pip in  shorts.

The Polish crested rooster is the name of this breed, and this particular animal had luxurious white and gold feathers in the form of a crown.  The animal is clearly domestic, but the question is that no one lives in these places.  Yes, there are several roads between the settlements located much lower, so it is possible that the rooster fell out of a passing car or was brought into the forest by the owner. Maybe suddenly the former owner decided to become a vegan and changed his mind about making chicken soup?

She took a break and waited for a while, but no one showed up, so listening to her geart Heather decided not to abandon the rooster, but to call him Eddie and take it with her.  So they stomped further into the mountains. There was a picture of a brave traveler and a rooster instead of a parrot on her shoulder.  During the day, they covered about 60 km and the rooster never showed signs of concern.

When it rained, the rooster hid under her cloak.  They spent the night in the same tent, and on the second morning Eddie met his new friend with a beautiful large feather, from which Heather made a talisman.  Some of the tourists laughed at this couple, others were delighted, and Heather herself had a confusing thought.  She suddenly realized that she could no longer look at the rooster as a source of food.  And she understood for herself that chickens in general  are not just living creatures, but very intelligent and interesting companions.

At the end of the trip, she took Eddie to friends’ farm, taking their word from them that the rooster would not be considered a source of calories.  And periodically visits him, because this creature “won her heart.”  Who knows, maybe they will travel together more than once.

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