Baby Alpaca Was Jealous of Its Mom and Ran Quickly to Hug It

South American alpacas are very cute animals. And the following story proves that they deserve to be considered cuties; they are charming not only on the appearance, but also inside. A small alpaca is in the center of attention in this article.

Females carry their cubs for 11 months and rarely give birth to more than one. That is why a special strong bond arises between the alpaca and its offspring. The kid eats and drinks with his mother, copies its behavior and learns everything that an adult animal needs to be able to do.

An interesting case happened with this baby which is from a farm located in the US state of Ohio. The farm is often visited by visitors with children, who make touching videos and publish them on YouTube and Instagram.

A recently born alpaca was seen in one of such videos. During the interaction of the female with the visitors its baby was so upset that it rushed to hug his mother, distracting her from people and wrapping its front legs around her neck.

The video had hundreds of views and many affectionate comments in a few seconds. Not surprisingly, users are fascinated by such a cute display of love between a mother and a child.

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