The Girl Turned to the Shelter With a Strange Request։ to give her a kitty that no one wants to take

The girl went through a long process of treatment in hospital and after returning home she decided to take a pet from the shelter. She had a period of starting a new life and wondered whom she could shelter. She came to the shelter and asked the staff to show the cat that has been there for the longest time. And she was shown the cat whose name is Kali.

She was a street cat in the past who was completely deaf and toothless and she was also quite old.

The cat seemed to feel that the girl had come to take her. She began to meow loudly and the future owner smiled for the first time in such a long period of time.

When Kali was at home she couldn’t fall asleep for a long time and she was fussing. She finally fell asleep right on the knees of the owner in the morning.

And from that time on the cat slept only with the girl. She is very affectionate and simply adored hugs.

So an old and large animal from the shelter is able to give a lot of happiness and smiles to everyone. We hope that there will be many people who will follow the kind girl’s example.

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