After the Arrival of a Neighbor the Man Felt That He Was Being Watched and There Were More and More “Spies”

Charlie Weiss lives in Winterville, North Carolina (USA). He has been living there for 13 years and all this time he didn’t pay much attention to his neighbors. But everything changed when a year ago a woman with her dog settled in a house next to him. One day Charlie went out into the yard and felt that someone was watching him. There was no one in the yard when he looked around but he suddenly noticed a “spy”. The cutie was hiding under the fence.

It was a neighbor’s shepherd dog who found a gap between the fence and the ground. Charlie rarely saw his neighbor but the curious muzzle began to appear in his yard quite often.

The neighbor obtained one more dog which means that there was another fluffy creature under the fence.

Charlie says that the new neighbor’s dog didn’t immediately get used to him. At first he barked as soon as a person approached him but then he get used to the man just like his older friend. Dogs became Charlie’s frequent guests. He greeted them with great pleasure and even studied their characters. For example a shepherd loves to be stroked and the second dog who a cross between a pit bull likes licking the fence.

When the man’s neighbor got the third dog, guess what the cutie’s favorite pastime became? Right, watching your neighbor from under the fence!

But this puppy went further and tried to get to the neighbor’s place but the attempt failed and Charlie took a very funny photo.

The man made friends with the furry neighbors. He jokes and says that one day he will come to a neighbor with these photos and he will say: “Your dogs have made their choice. Now they are mine. “

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