The Couple Got a 15-Pound Gorgeous Cat and Now They Are Trying to Get Him in Shape

The big guy named Bronson is a cat. A couple of charming Americans Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman took Bronson from the orphanage because he is so cute and needs to be put on a diet. They even opened an Instagram account where you can watch the progress of the BABY. Despite the fact that the changes are not particularly noticeable you can look at this 15-kilogram catty forever. He also has funny protruding thumbs!

Meet Bronson and the catty rarely fits into the frame.

And all because this cutie weighs 15 kilograms.

A couple of lovers Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman took him from the orphanage and are now trying to get the handsome man into shape using all sorts of methods.

The former owner of Bronson died and the cat went to a shelter where he always weighed about 15 kg and  he is only 3 years old.

It is not surprising that when seeing this cutie the new owners immediately fell in love with him.

The cat also immediately loved the new owners and happily went to their home where he really liked the bed which was prepared for him.

Probable crib size: XXXXXXL.

Also pay attention to his unique protruding thumbs.

How does the catty entertain himself? He plays with her favorite tomato toy filled with catnip. He loves to bite it and beat it with his hind paws.

Bronson’s owners have developed a special program that should help the cat become less in size.

They took him to the first floor so that he would have to climb the stairs to his favorite couch.

Later they decided to postpone this technique until Bronson lost at least a little weight since climbing the stairs could damage his joints.

They also put his feeder in different parts of the house so that Brons walked more.

They also bought a special pillow to take their beloved “elephant” in their arms as it seemed to them that they were hurting him when they were simply lifting the cutie.

By the way Bronson is very fond of pillows. One of his charming features is that he almost constantly sleeps on a pillow.

It is very important that the cat lose weight gradually otherwise it may obtain serious health problems.

Mike and Megan even opened a personal profile on Instagram for Bronson where they post his pictures (and they are rather good).

If you follow him you can see the progress of the cat.

Bronson is still great!

The owners expect Bronson to lose a pound of his huge weight and after this result he will soon lead a healthy feline life.

But he is not yet ready to test the furniture with other small catties Mike and Megan.

“Do not expect any feats from me.”

Well, he can handle it because he is Bronson!

Bonus: Bronson climbing the stairs. Just watch and admire the cutie!

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