The Rescued Seal Cub Could Have Swum Back Freely But He Lives With People and Behaves Like a Cat

In the spring of 2016, a cub of the Ladoga seal crawled up to a man who was fishing on Lake Ladoga near the village of Sviritsa. Because of the fact that he had been on the ice for rather a long time time he got minor frosting on his body. The kind fisherman dropped his business and took the baby to the shore where he was taken to the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center. It turned out that the cutie who was named Teensy weighs only 4 kilograms and this is the smallest cub that the workers of the center have ever taken care of.

2 years ago Teensy the cub weighed only 4 kilograms and was the smallest seal in the Rehabilitation Center.

He climbed into his arms, tried to hug him and longed for constant communication with people.  In general, he behaved very atypically.

At the same time another seal got to the Center with him who turned out to be more wild and eventually began to live in the wild.

Despite his boundless love for people Teensy still needed to return to freedom.

However, when he was sent on a free swim he just splashed in the water for 15 minutes and returned back.

Then they decided to release Teensy to freedom a year later and before that they let him grow up a little.

The workers decided that they should make the cutie be afraid of the representatives of humanity so that he returned to his natural habitat. So, the workers spoke rudely to him and didn’t scratch his belly.

The response was harsh and the seal started to communicate with people only for the fish and grunted angrily if he wasn’t given anything.

A year later the seal was released again, but after 3 weeks Teensy the cutie returned to the people and began to torture them.

Teensy rode boats, stole fish and even bit a man. As a result he had to be returned back to the Center.

Now the cutie lives in the Center all the time. He has a fish, a pool, toys and endless belly scratching here.

Teensy is trained so that he doesn’t become completely lazy and now he knows how to clap fins and bring a ball.

The little cub behaves almost like a cat and after eating he climbs into the workers’s arms and asks to wrinkle and scratch his belly.

The founder of the Baltic Seal Friends Fund tells that it is normal for a seal to behave in a friendly manner with his relatives but not with a person. “But if we wanted to breed a domestic seal, then Teensy would be the ancestor of this breed,” says the founder.

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