This Dog Makes Everyone Around Him Feel Like the Most Worthless Creatures on the Planet With His Glance But people Adore Him Anyway

It is generally accepted that dogs are people’s best friends. For the most cases the dogs reciprocate but this is not about Gizmo who is a small dog and whose expressive look eloquently conveys everything that he thinks about all of us. This is a joke of course but we experienced some awkwardness and a feeling of depression when looking at him. In fact this is the cutest dog living in San Francisco and is a kind of celebrity. More than 90 thousand social network users have subscribed to his Instagram account. Isn’t this a proof of popularity for such a small dog?

1. Well, hello little man.

2. I’m not interested in what you think of me.

3. Hey doggy, come here!

4. Does my vest make you laugh so much , bipedal?

5. I can despise you in any condition.

6. I will take all your holidays for myself.

7. You may think that the sun is blinding me but that’s not so I see you clearly.

8. Who is the good boy here?  Certainly not you!

9.Tax, beach and fun.

10. There is only one King of the world and Lord of the universe.

11. You’re funny. No!

12. Even when falling asleep, I keep my eyes on the same level.

13. I’m too good. And what about you?

14. You speak to me but you do it without much respect.

15. But actually I’m an exceptional kind and cute creature!

16. So good! Despite the fact that you are near.

17. Dude, come on, you’re a great guy! I was just kidding!

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