Two Dogs Got Lost in the Mountains and They Spent Two Days There. There Was No Hope That They Could Be Found But Suddenly the Climbers Saw Some Strange Black Dots on the Snowy Slope

Nobody argues that there is a lot of cruelty and evil in the world but there is always more good. And there will always be those kind of people who will help their neighbor even risking their own lives as it happened in this story with a happy ending.

In the family of Colette Kilroy from Great Britain there happened misfortune. Two of her dogs were lost in the mountains: the shepherd Leela and the mongrel Cash. The woman sounded the alarm and posted information about the pets in a specialized blog and it spread across social networks from there.

Colette with doggies.

Cash and Leela who were lost in the mountains.

The ad on Facebook was seen by a climber Scott Pilling and he couldn’t pass by.  He gathered a team and went in search of the two doggies.

I learned that the eastern side of the mountain which is the most dangerous part hadn’t been searched by anyone.”- says Scott. “I decided to go even though I wasn’t sure if I would find the dogs.”

Suddenly Scott saw dark spots on the mountainside and zoomed with his phone camera.

When I saw them in the distance and they answered my whistle I couldn’t believe it.”-says Scott.

The dogs had been staying on the slope for 2 days and it’s a real miracle that they survived.

It was difficult to rescue the dogs. Scott and his friends feared that the snow would collapse and kill the animals.

It wasn’t possible to call the rescue teams due to the lack of communication. I had to act on my own risking and my dog’s and my life.

The climbers took turns taking dogs up the mountain.

Cash was saved the first.

And then Leela.

They were frozen but there was no serious damage.

The rescue operation was successful.

Fortunately, everyone remained safe and sound.

Later, the animals were delivered to their grateful owners.

And Scott has become a real celebrity. The local media literally tore him apart to get an interview.

And Scott himself … It seems that he isn’t at all starred.  The climber is just glad that he was able to do such a good deed!

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