This 89-Year-Old Kind Woman Had Been Knitting 450 Blankets and Dog Sweaters for the Cuties Who Were from Shelters

Dog shelters are usually overcrowded with pets. These shelters need help – whatever it may be.

A woman from the UK has found her own unique way to help the animals who are in need. She makes knitted sweaters and blankets in order to keep them warm!

Over the years,she elderly Lady Maisie Green has knitted hundreds of dog coats and blankets . And then all of them were used for the stray dogs at the Dogs Trust Basildon in the United Kingdom.

I love knitting and I adore dogs so this is a great combination of both! ”- she tells.

This means that 89-year-old Maisie spent a lot of time on knitting to help dogs who look forward to appearing in new homes.

Green says that knitting has become her goal in life.

I love to knit while watching TV,” told Green. And I am so happy to help the four-legged cute residents of the shelter.”- tells the kind granny.

This devoted volunteer has already knitted 450 items in order to keep the animals warm. Just take a look at this cute doggy curled up under a special knitted blanket:

The Dogs Trust is one of the largest dog rescue centres in the UK which has been serving over 16,000 abandoned dogs every year. And Maisie’s contribution is very invaluable!

As you can see, age isn’t a hindrance to doing a good deed!

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