The Kitten Was Taken out of the Cinder Block and the Transformation Began

A family from Montreal, Canada found a stray cat with her kittens in their yard. One of the kittens was hiding inside a cinder block and only one of his paws protruded. This little girl was very shy and tried her best to remain unnoticed.

The local zoo activists Stephanie and her mother Joanna saw this family’s post on the Internet about what had happened and rushed to respond them. By the time they arrived the cat mother had taken away all of her kittens except for the girl who was hiding inside the block.

The mother cat didn’t come back for the baby but people took her out and saw a thin kitten.

Continuing their search for the other members of the feline family they turned to animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal because the kitten needed medical attention and a chance to find good owners.

Her saviors named the cutie Daisy. She was five weeks old and she was very scared and hungry,” says Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

The kitten was well fed and washed on the same day. Very soon Stephanie and her mother noticed that one of the baby’s legs was a little bit different from the others.

Daisy the catty has a crooked front leg because of the joint deformity. We decided to go to a specialist. Now the baby can move normally and the defect doesn’t bother her at all. “- tells the caretakers.

After eating good food and living in a comfortable home she began to gain weight revealing herself more and more as a person.

When Daisy the cutie moved to a new overexposure she was waiting for socialization with kittens of the same age there. She quickly got used to it and began to demand attention from everyone around her.

The cutie likes being around people. She is curious about playing and running around the house. “

Daisy is no longer the shy cutie who was hiding in the concrete block.

She grew up to be a cocky little creature who decides what she wants to do and when to do that. She loves to play with other kittens but only according to her own rules.”

Daisy has become a confident girl who is also very sweet and affectionate. She is full of energy which forces the kitten to climb on everything around her.

The baby has come a long and difficult way and she is now ready to find permanent owners for her.

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