The Woman Took Three Blind Cats from the Shelter Who Had Been Waiting for the Owner for a Year …

Three blind catties had been living in a shelter for over a year waiting for their future owner …

The woman who took them home told that she was very afraid at first and a year later she was delighted with their affection and kindness.

In 2014 on Christmas Eve the three kittens were found in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. They suffered a severe cold and they were completely blind because of the conjunctivitis.

The kids were taken to an animal shelter and the volunteers named the cutie Blue and his sisters were named Willow and Madow.

At first the neighbor of the animal’s former owner took Blue to him but the catty missed his sisters very much and he had to be returned to the shelter.

The confused kitten couldn’t live without his sisters and he screamed all night long trying to find them all the time.

The blind cats had been living in the shelter for more than a year and could no longer stay there but there was found a woman who was ready to take all the three kittens.

I haven’t had such an experience but their story touched me to the depths of my soul and I couldn’t even imagine that they could be put in a cage por they can be used for some experiments.”- says the woman.

At first Katherine was afraid of the difficulties that might arise with her blind pets because there were other catties already living in her house.

But very soon when the woman saw that Blue, Willow and Madow were comfortable in her apartment and saw how happily they were playing with each other she became calmer.

Each of them has its own character but they are all very affectionate and they constantly want to be around.

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