The homeless dog got to the volunteers in a terrible state, but they quickly showed what a handsome man was hiding in it

A homeless German Shepherd entered the British shelter Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in such poor condition, that from one look at her tears were welling. But thanks to volunteers and a new owner, the dog named Ralph was cured, and he showed everyone how handsome and gentleman he really is!

A homeless dog, named Ralph got to volunteers in a terrible state

It in unknown for what German Shepherd was at the street, but it is known, that he stayed a long time at the street. Because of such a wandering life, the four-year-old dog was in a deplorable state.

Ralph’s current owner, Wendy Tung said, that the dog was clearly mistreated by previous owners.

He didn’t want to go out into the yard without me. I think he was afraid, that ha would be left in the cold. It seems to me, that before it was closed in the yard and left there alone.

Ralph was immediately taken up by specialists, and thanks to their labours the dog was transformed

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home shelter workers worked every hour to help Ralph-they had cured its infection, resolved an eye problem, and performed an ear surgery.

A month later, Ralph was taken to her for overexposure by 60 years old Wendy Tung and became so attached to the dog, that she and her husband decided to keep him forever:

The beginning of his life was so cruel, but he was always loving, gentle and trusting. He is our happiness. When I brought him home for the first time, he was still in bad condition and it was so sad to see it like this. He had no muscles, only bones.

According the the new owner Ralph, the dog is a real gentleman 

Wendy doesn’t get enough of his lively pet:

He’s so well-mannered. He will never ask for anything or complain.

The the transportation of a stray dog into such a handsome one is a real fairy tale about Cinderella. Only in a dog’s way!

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