The Parrot Has Learned to “Chat” Like a Cat in Order to Live in the Company of Cats

A feathered friend can be taught not only to speak but also to repeat the voices of different animals.

For example, our hero lived in a house where some cats lived from the very beginning. He learned to repeat their speech no worse than a real kitten and in confirmation of this one day the parrot decided to hiss and meow. The reaction of the baleen striped cutie suggests that the little bird has done an excellent job of learning a “foreign” language.

The owner of the wonderful bird posted a video about the achievements of his petty on the social network. The Internet users were delighted with the behavior of the feathered cutie and some subscribers even noted that the parrot meows more naturally than a cat.

The bird also managed to adopt the habits of cats and when a parrot behaves in a threatening manner he takes a certain posture and begins to hiss. He also “shakes off” fleas. This is how the parrot became a bit of a cat in such a mustachioed striped company.

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