The Black Cat and the Elderly Dog ​​Were Abandoned By Their Former Owners and Now They Are Best Friends!

A kind woman who is from Australia named Katie has been taking unnecessary animals since 2010.

Over the years, she has been giving dogs, cats and even goats a second chance for a happy life.  Some of them are old, wounded or just abandoned by the cruel people but these animals find new reasons to live with the help of love and gentle care. She has seen a lot of things during these six years but she also admits that she has never seen anything unique like the friendship between the black cat Thalia and the elderly doggy named Dzhemelda.

Both the cuties were abandoned by their owners before arriving at the orphanage.

It seemed like they would never find a home … until they found each other!  But suddenly their lives seemed to be changing for the better.

The days of loneliness were soon filled with lots of love and hugs. 

But they spend most of their time alone.

They care about each other so much!

However, Thalia and Dzhemelda aren’t the only animals showing unusual friendship at this shelter.

There is a dog here whose best friend is a young goat.

And a cat that loves kissing a goat friend right on the nose!

They are so cute.

They just like to have a rest together.

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