A family from Australia found eggs of an eastern water lizard in the garden and helped the babies to be born

The birth of a new life is always a miracle. And the Annette Scholz family from Sydney (Australia) had the opportunity to observe such a miracle, namely, the hatching of small eastern water lizards. This lizard is also called the water agama. From time to time people saw them in their backyard, and on hot days, lizards swam in the pool. And so, in November they noticed, that the female had laid eggs in one of the flower pots.  

A family from Australia noticed, that eastern water lizard laid eggs in their garden 

That’s how the father lizard looks like 

And this is mother lizard 

There were 9 eggs in total, 5 of which were unfertilised and shrivelled over time. Annette says, that they covered the eggs with soil, studied all possible information about caring for them.Before hatching, the eggs were transferred to a specially prepared terrarium. 

The first was born!  

The baby can stay in this state for more than an hour 

After 5 hours 

A little bit more 

The first lizard was named Khalicy  

A newborn lizard versus a box  

The next day the second baby was born 


Waiting for the third 

The third! 

And finally four!  


The magnificent four is ready for a free life  

Minutes before they were released 

People were a little sorry to part with the lizards 

But Australians hope to see them again running around their backyard or swimming in the pool, as their parents did. 

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