The Loader Fed the Homeless Dog with His Lunch and the Dog Saved Him in the Same Evening

There was a supermarket in a big city where worked a boy named James as a loader.  The young man was very hardworking and kind.  He constantly fed stray dogs and cats but his colleague and work partner David was just the opposite.  He didn’t like to work and treated the stray animals so badly.

On one working day the two boys were shipping a large order to a wholesale company.  While they were loading the materials there ran up a dirty and emaciated dog to them and began to watch the guys.  David saw the dog and drove it away very annoyingly.  The cutie was so frightened by the scream that she ran away.

When it was lunch time David went to the store and James decided to have a snack.  He took out his food container and began to eat.  At that moment the very stray dog ​​ran up to him and began to watch him with his kind and hungry eyes.  James drew attention to the doggy and gave her part of his lunch.  The cutie  ate everything with great pleasure and ran away happily.

James walked home after work.  It has been raining during the day and in the evening the temperature dropped so sharply that the sidewalks and paths were covered with ice.  The guy walked with small steps trying not to fall but he slipped and hit so that he lost consciousness.  Meanwhile, the dog whom he had recently fed was running after him and when the animal saw that his new friend fell she rushed to the rescue and began to lick the kind boy’s face.  When the doggy saw that the guy didn’t react the dog began to bark.  Thus, he began to draw the attention of the passers-by.

Caring people called an ambulance and when the doctor explained how the guy got to the hospital he told about the brave doggy.  James was very surprised but then he understood that the dog thanked him in this way.

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