The funny horse prods the tree, comes towards the doggies and escapes

In the video the strange actions of a funny horse, who did amusing larks became famous which was shown by his family. Sven the Grulla Quarter horse was shown in the video as a playful animal who was enjoying his time with doggies walking in the forest, prodding the trees and just making his time more interesting.

One of the YouTubers shared: ” The crazy animal was very joyful and cheerful who was running towards the corral, doggies and people who were standing there without harming them. After that he proded the trees and jumped.

“These two domestic animals always remain faithful friends during their lives,” noticed Yukon after seeing this unforgettable scene. Though there were a lot of people who were worried about the fate of doggies, he calmed down everybody saying that the funny horse was very friendly and he never hurt anyone. He just enjoyed his time and freedom.

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