An Incredibly Touching Story of a Daddy Who Is Meeting His Little Baby Cub For The First Time

The first meeting of the daddy lion and his baby cub

The Denver Zoo which is located in the USA posted an incredible video recently which shows probably one of the most pathetic moments- that’s when a daddy lion meets his little baby cub for the first time. The video went viral so rapidly and won the hearts of thousands of social network users.

As we can see in the video the daddy lion went to see his baby cub for the first time after he was born. The little cub was playing in his enclosure when his daddy entered. That was the daddy lion’s behavior that amazed all the social network users because the lion himself crouched down in order to “get acquainted” with the cutie. People just adored his incredible and gentle behavior.

The shelter workers tell that he is very energetic, playful and cute and he is loved bu his parents so much.

Every visitor to the zoo is  so impatient and touched to visit the cutie pie who made the whole Internet amazed.

Enjoy watching the video below:

It is such a touching story when the parents meets his cub gor the first time, isn’t it?

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