What happens when mommy asks her doggy to smile: it will make you laugh  

The cute smile of the doggy is adorable

Pets are considered humans’ caring and faithful friends who are always ready to make them happy. They help them overcome the difficulties and sadness and never leave them in bad conditions. Having a pet at home is very pleasant and useful. But there is one kind of pets who stays the undivided part of humans’ lives: doggies.

Their loyalty and dedication towards humans are strong. They are always next to them in both good and bad conditions. Although they are very caring and attentive, in some cases they can be funny and crazy. For instance, they have a strong custom: make their owners wake up early in the morning. But it doesn’t make the owners get angry because their love towards their canines is big.

Doggies are humans’ happiness and make them smile when they haven’t mood. But there is no adorable and pleasant scene than seeing how their canines smile.

One of these cuties whose smile attracts everyone is Bill. When his mommy tells him to smile he does it without hesitating and his nice smile amuses people around him.

Not all doggies can smile, so seeing how they smile is very amazing. It is possible that they only raise the corners of their mouths which people consider smiling.

Different canines express their happiness differently. Sometimes they show it by moving their whole body and in most cases they open their mouths, hung their tongues and raise ears.

In the video the Labrador shows everyone his cute smile. He opens his mouth nicely when his mommy says “smile”. It is known that these doggies are very funny and caring. They are very attentive towards everyone especially fireflies. These insects are considered harmless so the Labrador doesn’t hurt them: he only has fun by following them in the garden. So it is very laughing to see how the cutie takes care about the fireflies. How kind he is!

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