The heroic step of the girl saved the life of the helpless catty. It is very attractive!  

The poor catty was noticed by the kind girl, who later became his loving owner

The homeless animal became noticeable after someone shared his photo on social media. He was in need and had a lot of injuries.

His story is very heartbreaking. The poor animal was rescued by the caring girl and it made many people follow her example.

The passersby noticed the helpless cutie lying on the ground but nobody took a risk to support him. A stranger shared his photo on the internet, after which a girl named Alena was interested in it and she immediately went to him.

When the girl found the cutie she hurried to take him to the vet.

The cat had to stay at the clinic because his condition was bad and his wounds were serious. He must stay under the care of vets until being fully recovered.

But he was frightened and aggressive, so he attacked the vets and nurses. It was clear, that the animal was feral and living with humans would be difficult for him.

He was called Marcel and after some time, when he was partly cured, he became calmer and even let the girl make the dressings.

The kind-hearted girl was sure that she couldn’t live without the catty and decided to adopt him: she would be a caring owner for him.

Now they are faithful friends and enjoy their life together.

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