«The transformation of the year!»: This is what this overweight man looks like after having lost 200 pounds

You will not believe your eyes when you see how this overweight man has changed 😲😳

Here is Casey from America whose life changed radically when he participated in a popular show. The way this obese man changed became the subject of discussions. He is now hard to recognize and has become an attractive man with an athletic body.

Though he has lost much weight and has become unrecognizable, he has no plans to stop yet. «He’ll get plastic surgery and be good as new».

«This is whom I can admire forever», «How much effort and determination in one photo!», «Bravo! A good job!», «It is incredible!», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this the same man?».

«You are the biggest inspiration for millions», «He has changed beyond recognition», «This is how losing weight can change a man», «The transformation of the year».

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