The Purple “Space” Cow Gave Birth to a Baby But the Baby Isn’t Like Him

This mother cow became a real sensation after the pictures of her and her cute calf appeared on the Internet.

The reddit user under the nickname UnicornsAndJerky posted a photo of the popular “space” cow whose name is Celeste and her cute daughter- calf.

It’s not surprising why the post received over 60,000 likes because Celeste’s appearance is truly unique.

Celeste has a variety of tiny white patches scattered across her fluffy skin which look like twinkling white stars in the night sky at first glance.

However, Celeste’s special appearance has sparked a storm of emotions in people on social media.

Some social media users commented on the unique appearance of the cutie:

“This is what happens when a cow jumps to the moon.”

What kind of milk does she have? Starry? “

Despite the fact that many strange and fantastic assumptions have been made, one question remains unanswered: what kind of breed does Celeste belong to?

There is one thing about this beauty that everyone knows for sure – she can be looked at forever!

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