Dynamo Footballers from Bucharest Went to the Match with Dogs

These days in Romania, games are being held within the framework of the country’s football championship. Athletes have proven long ago that recognition and popularity can serve as good and noble goals.

Many popular football players have long been patronized all kinds of charity organizations. They collect impressive suma and invest their own funds to help those people who are in need.

The current cup is held under the auspices of helping stray animals. And, although all the participating teams are involved, a truly unprecedented activity was made by the participants of the capital’s Dynamo club.

Before the start of the game , young people appeared on the field in full force, but not alone! Each athlete carried the shelter’s pet dog in his arms. This idea was supposed to give the little creatures a chance to get their own home and loving owners right now.

The fact is that the players are members of one of the most famous and respected clubs in the country and have long been nicknamed “red dogs”, which was an excellent reason to appear on the field with “namesakes”. Every dog had nameplates on the collars so that future owners could point to their best-loved pet. Although football fans probably remembered the athletes who carried dogs around the arena with honors.

What’s interesting is that the famous club lost to its rival FSB, with a score 0:6. But can Dynamo literally be called a loser after such a wonderful and inspiring activity?

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