The woman sheltered a sick dog, cured it and now it is unrecognisable

Once Loren Bakly already saved the dog, that should have put to sleep. 4 years have passed since and the woman decided to help one more sick dog, which looked as if it could no longer be helped.

This story is so inspiring to bring goddess into the world, that we simply couldn’t share it with you.


We saw pictures of Lainey on facebook on Christmas Eve. A kind person fount it, but couldn’t keep it for himself, so we knew, that we must do something”-said Loren Bakly, who saved the dog.


The animal had a serous disease called canine demodicosis-this is a lesion of the skin and internal organs, the causative agent of this disease is a cigar-shaped mite with a length of 0.2-0.26 mm. Firstly Loren took the unfortunate puppy to the vet, who prescribed treatment. According to the doctor, the dog was brought just in time, and if Lainey hadn’t been treated in time, she would have died.

We gave Lainey antibiotics every day for four months. In addition, we added coconut oil to her food, applied it to the skin, and took medicated baths twice a week. We also did everything to keel her stress level low, since demodicosis is exacerbated by stress”-said the woman.

Fortunately, the dog was treated and day by day became more and more beautiful. Thanks to care and love, and most importantly timely treatment, the dog turned into a real beauty!

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